The Livewire Solution is an end-to-end solution created by agents for agents!

That means we KNOW what you NEED to run your business successfully. We have incorporated a ton of features and tools that allow you to rest easy while you work.

One of our powerful tools is our Home Valuation Tool that is located on your real estate website. This is a great real estate lead generation tool used to pipeline those seller leads.

Our Home Valuation Tool allows real estate leads to input their property information and receive a report with a low, median, and high estimated price for their home. These estimated prices are based off of comps in the area and the MLS. Them using this tool is a great way to start the conversation with a lead about their home selling AND buying needs! Even if their home is not within your MLS, refer them to an agent to collect your referral fees.


We believe our Home Valuation Tool is key to showing that you ARE the local expert on your real estate website by providing immediate and accurate information to potential clients.

If you want to see more of how the Live wire Solution can impact the growth of your real estate lead generation, head to www.thelivewiresolution.com. Schedule a personal demo, check out our features, and take a look at our affordable pricing packages.



Real estate websites and their action plans

Want to establish your real estate business on the world map, while sitting at your place? Then come and join the online websites who are available for you all time to manage your business activities through the internet. Today every business requires global presence and wants to be seen on one button touch by the customers. Just like any other company website, the real estate websites are also in demand by the consumers to get the details at a glance and can understand the portfolio of the real estate organisations.

Liveware solutions


Among a number of good websites development companies, there is one known company named as liveware solutions which are a leading platform used by large number of businesses and individuals worldwide. The backend support of liveware solutions provides assistance for creating impressive and beautiful websites to execute professional presence in the web industry. The most demanding strategy to build up the real estate business is of developing communication plans to gather the highest number of leads.

How does communication plan work?

Real Estate Website

The mode of contacting and replying the customers which are considered as future leads of real estate are known as communication plans. It includes phone calls, messages or emails which are sending automatically to the customers who are interested in buying or selling the properties. The leads are scattered through the funnel processing of the customers who have either contacted or showed willingness into real estate companies. For Realtor Websites, this plan is one of the best action plans which instantly work without being physically present at the working desk because it is an automated working plan.

Benefits of communication plans

The plan helps in nurturing your real estate business by taking off maximum pressure from your shoulders which you have to perform manually on daily basis. Basically, communication plans are based on email hitting by the managers in almost every company, but herein livewire solution it covers the every communication way with the customers. For the real estate websites, the connection between the agents and the clients should be via calls, texts and emails so that all the resources of communication can be captured to fetch optimum sales lead.

Create solid blogs

Get some good blog writers for your real estate business to have the solid impression on the viewers and potential customers. Ask the writers to use quality and meaningful keywords to highlight and distinguish your website from other competitors.

Summary: For every small and big company you need to have web presence in present days. There are many affordable web developing and designing companies who can help in developing your real estate company’s website. You can hire one of them and give your business a global platform.

Real estate websites and their action plans

Conquer Communication Plans with the LiveWire Solution

What is a Communication Plan?

A communication plans is essentially a plan of actions (emails, phone calls, etc.) that are set up to automatically be sent to different real estate leads, as you see fit, to nurture them through the inbound sales Real Estate Websites funnel and enhance your relationship with them. These are also commonly referred to as drip campaigns in the real estate world.

Importance of Communication Plans

Real Estate Website

Communication Plans are essential to nurturing your real estate leads because it takes the pressure off of you, the agent’s, shoulders of manually reaching out daily, weekly, etc. Communication Plans (or drip campaigns) are known for being mainly email based in other CRM’s—the LiveWire Solution believes it is important to resource all avenues of communication between the agent and the real estate lead, therefore, we have designed out platform around multiple communication opportunities (to include texting directly from our CRM).

Check out our blogs at https://livewiresolution.com/livewire-blog/ to see how easy it is to establish a Communication Plan in the LiveWire CRM.

Did you know we also provide Default Communication Plans for you? We have pre-loaded and ready to use Communication Plans in our CRM for you to copy and personalize to your liking!

Communication Plans can be copied and shared amongst other specific agents on your team, you are able to assign contacts to your plans easily through the communications tab and leads dashboard, and you can even play, pause, and reset all your plans with the click of a button!

Want more information on how the LiveWire Solution can simplify the management of your real estate leads? Check us out at www.thelivewiresolution.com and schedule a personal demo today!!

Conquer Communication Plans with the LiveWire Solution


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been a hot topic in the real estate world since about 2008. The Internet has taken over for the “shopping” of houses and the marketing of homes/properties for sale. Utilize SEO to your advantage to create a strong pipeline of leads with the LiveWire Solution.

IDX is short for “Internet Data Exchanged” and it controls how listings from your local MLS show up on your Real Estate Website.

The LiveWire Solution has integrated IDX Websites which means our platform creates crawlable pages for each listing on your website site- to include all of your listings in your MLS. These crawlable pages means that your site has literally thousands of pages that can be seen my major search engines. The more pages = the higher ranking on Google.

real estate website

Why does integrated IDX matter to you?
The more content your real estate website provides, the more potential leads you get! Integrated IDX websites allows your Real Estate Websites to have thousands of pages indexed by Google which gives you a bigger net to cast out into the Internet.

What type of content should my Real Estate Website have for better SEO?

Simple, content pages and blogs!
Let the LiveWire Solution take the wheel on your SEO! Schedule a personal demo of our platform today and check out our affordable pricing! http://www.livewiresolution.com


Take Your Real Estate Lead Generation Platform With You Using these Features

Do you feel chained to your desk because of your Real Estate Lead Generation platform? Break the chains and check out the LiveWire Solution! The LiveWire Solution is made by agent for agents- we know the struggles of successfully trying to work your business from anywhere! Being able to check in on your business on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. is important. We have designed our features and tools to be “on the go” friendly so you can skillfully work your business wherever and whenever you have the chance.

With the touch of technology right at the fingertips of 68% of the world’s adult population, the level of urgency has increased. People expect a quick response and an accurate response.

Real estate lead generation

LiveWire is mobile friendly, has texting capabilities through our platform, SMS Auto Responder, Auto Communications, and Social Media Integrations to manage your Real Estate Lead Generation on the go. Check out all of our features of our end-to-end Real Estate Solution at http://www.livewiresolution.com.

Don’t let your workload and leads slip through the cracks while you work on the go! The LiveWire Solution has you covered for Real Estate Lead Generation and more! Check out our pricing packages and see how affordable it really is to run your business successfully!

Take Your Real Estate Lead Generation Platform With You Using these Features


Have you hit the point with your business that you need to grow in order to thrive?
Getting more leads than you can manage? Being busy is not always a bad thing but wearing too many hats can take a toll on your and your business. Take a step back and evaluate your needs and set some goals for building your real estate team.
The LiveWire Solution has every tool you need to manage your real estate business on a team level. From viewing your whole teams Dashboard, to managing individual tasks, and transaction manager. You can pinpoint what each agent is doing and where he or she is in their process.
Use our Form Builder in our CRM to easily create a recruiting form. Then, create a content page with just a few clicks. This content page can be your “career” section on your website. Now just add your content page to a menu item on your Real Estate Websites and just like that have a recruiting section on your webpage.
Other ideas for advertising that you are hiring are through social media and invitation only webinars.
The LiveWire Solution lets you post directly to social media platforms from the CRM. So embed your form into a post and “Ta-Da!” you have successfully advertised positions on social media.
Another idea outside of the LiveWire Solution to advertise recruiting is an invitation only webinar. Send out invites to individuals you are interested in perusing to work for you and sell them on working for your team like what makes your firm different and how you support agents. If you are better “face to face” then let the webinar show that or try to create a video to address your audience. Try Zoom or Go To Webinar for programs to use for this.
The LiveWire Solution has made it so simple to run your team’s performance with our powerful CRM and high lead generation populating real estate websites. CLICK HERE for a demo of how our platform can boost your real estate business!