Real Estate Lead Generation 4 Ways

The LiveWire Solution combines Organic SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing to keep your pipeline full of top-quality leads!
We understand that keeping your pipeline full of buyer and seller leads is the key to success. With the LiveWire Solution you will be able to generate buyer and seller real…

Real Estate Lead Generation 4 Ways

The Best Part of LiveWire Is…

We, at the LiveWire Solution, always like to hear feedback! We want to know the good, bad, ugly, and AMAZING of our platform (but ok really, there is no bad and ugly!). We enjoy the input so we can continue to create and design a platform that works for all agents and lenders! We asked a few of…

The Best Part of LiveWire Is…


The Livewire Solution is an end-to-end solution created by agents for agents!

That means we KNOW what you NEED to run your business successfully. We have incorporated a ton of features and tools that allow you to rest easy while you work.

One of our powerful tools is our Home Valuation Tool that is located on your real estate website. This is a great real estate lead generation tool used to pipeline those seller leads.

Our Home Valuation Tool allows real estate leads to input their property information and receive a report with a low, median, and high estimated price for their home. These estimated prices are based off of comps in the area and the MLS. Them using this tool is a great way to start the conversation with a lead about their home selling AND buying needs! Even if their home is not within your MLS, refer them to an agent to collect your referral fees.


We believe our Home Valuation Tool is key to showing that you ARE the local expert on your real estate website by providing immediate and accurate information to potential clients.

If you want to see more of how the Live wire Solution can impact the growth of your real estate lead generation, head to Schedule a personal demo, check out our features, and take a look at our affordable pricing packages.



Generating real estate leads online

Getting some amazing real estate leads can be a tough call and back breaking work. With limitless of platforms & dozens of sites this task looks difficult to implement. But with the help of our guide you can achieve this thing without any hesitation. Here is the detailed list of resources you can try out for your real estate lead generation.

Property Sites 

The realtor websites or real estate websites are good resources for making connections online in a property market. Being a buyer you can search properties online for free of cost and these types of sites generate their revenue with the help of selling ads on their site with packages to some builders, brokers & other property owners online. The packages has more to offer than just a listing the properties like premium listing with top slots on their site in search results, displaying advertisements, featured section for onsite branding etc. Apart from that these types of sites has other information to offer you like home buying-selling information, guides on buying selling, price bids etc.

Taking help of free classified sites

real estate
concept of the modern engineer working

This type of category basically provide you opportunity to sell or buy multiple products of different varieties like electronics, furniture, real estate, home appliances etc. and you can post your requirement for free of cost.

Implementing leads with local search engines

The local search engines are the effective methods to generate leads online for your real estate business. This can allow you to list your business online for your featured products & then function as the online directory for your listed items. Apart from free packages they can offer you some premium packages for higher visibility that are based on your profession, industry & competition.


Social networks

Advertising on the social media platforms is yet another solution to your problem related to generating leads.

Generating real estate leads online

The success of your real estate website depends on your content

With the unique content and right type of SEO for your website you can get huge traffic and appeal your visitors for higher ranking. Google is making some fine adjustments in their highly secret search algorithms for almost hundreds of times in a particular year.  With the recent Google algorithm updates that stunned the webmasters when their websites suddenly went down for some illegitimate activities. This shows that the search engine is changing and it will not stop here, one has to make certain efforts for the effective online real estate business to keep up with the latest methodologies.

From the Google’s perspective this thing is very simple as the search engines are working very hard to deliver you the improvised results and better understanding. When a searcher clicks on the result listing they want the searcher to find exactly what they want to see. Blowing the black hat SEO tricks is their sole intention. You have to use right keywords in your real estate websites for the effective growth.


The search engines of today’s generation basically want to send the searchers of real estate platform to some brilliant content that answers their questions and meets their demands. Apart from that they utilize successive methods to finally decide which of these sites are meeting the requirements of researchers. You just have to understand that the quality of content has to be your top priority.

You should not make common mistakes

Letting your visitors know about you & your business is the key to success. You should learn what your visitors want from you when they first visit your site. The real estate website success lies in long term goals rather than the short term. Taking the follow up on client’s information can help you a lot. By avoiding this type of common mistakes you can grow your real estate business rapidly.

The success of your real estate website depends on your content

Tips for real estate lead generation

Every business wishes to grow and establish with minimum cost on promotional activities and on less time. Therefore the best way to match up with the requirements of the owners is to develop websites of the respective companies and go live with the customers. Similarly, in real estate field, the need of promotions through online platforms has become essential and prime of the face of the company.

To generate leads for the real estate the website development companies have many productive options and some of them are:

real estate

Branding of the company

For the establishment of business, you need to have to brand on the high level. So for the real estate lead generation, you should create an impactful branding of your business to impress your customers. You can opt following tips for the branding of your real estate business:

  • Video marketing strategy – This strategy helps the customers to know about your company in the proper way and through the visuals the prospected clients will become your clients. In this marketing plan, the agents and the brokers get to know the working of the real estate inefficient way and execute the plan with their clients in a positive manner. In real estate business, the visual marketing is on the boom and has bright future.
  • Advertisements – Advertising your real estate business through magazines, newspaper classifieds, social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. will help you to reach to customers on a wide level. The hiring of good advertisement agencies will definitely help in promoting your business to the prospect clients and will generate real estate leads.
  • Relationships and referrals – The most effective activity is to generate sales lead is through contacts and old relations with people. Most clients contact their friends and relatives before purchasing or selling their properties. It is been noticed that with referrals and solid contacts the property agents have cracked maximum deals. For this type of work, the real estate companies hire brokers and are made to work on commission.
  • The hiring of best SEO expert – Nowadays everyone is aware that maximum search is done online by the customers, so you need to merge with productive SEO agencies to help your real estate website rank at the top position. When your company’s name will bag the top position in the popular search engines, the customers will automatically get your name on the top list of their search history.

Summary: It is understood that to start a business is somewhat simple but to establish it with minimum physical leverage, you need strong tips. There are few tactics discussed above to generate the positive leads for your business among which you can choose anyone and apply. For real estate business also online marketing strategies are on top and are working.

Tips for real estate lead generation

Conquer Communication Plans with the LiveWire Solution

What is a Communication Plan?

A communication plans is essentially a plan of actions (emails, phone calls, etc.) that are set up to automatically be sent to different real estate leads, as you see fit, to nurture them through the inbound sales Real Estate Websites funnel and enhance your relationship with them. These are also commonly referred to as drip campaigns in the real estate world.

Importance of Communication Plans

Real Estate Website

Communication Plans are essential to nurturing your real estate leads because it takes the pressure off of you, the agent’s, shoulders of manually reaching out daily, weekly, etc. Communication Plans (or drip campaigns) are known for being mainly email based in other CRM’s—the LiveWire Solution believes it is important to resource all avenues of communication between the agent and the real estate lead, therefore, we have designed out platform around multiple communication opportunities (to include texting directly from our CRM).

Check out our blogs at to see how easy it is to establish a Communication Plan in the LiveWire CRM.

Did you know we also provide Default Communication Plans for you? We have pre-loaded and ready to use Communication Plans in our CRM for you to copy and personalize to your liking!

Communication Plans can be copied and shared amongst other specific agents on your team, you are able to assign contacts to your plans easily through the communications tab and leads dashboard, and you can even play, pause, and reset all your plans with the click of a button!

Want more information on how the LiveWire Solution can simplify the management of your real estate leads? Check us out at and schedule a personal demo today!!

Conquer Communication Plans with the LiveWire Solution