Conquer Communication Plans with the LiveWire Solution

What is a Communication Plan?

A communication plans is essentially a plan of actions (emails, phone calls, etc.) that are set up to automatically be sent to different real estate leads, as you see fit, to nurture them through the inbound sales Real Estate Websites funnel and enhance your relationship with them. These are also commonly referred to as drip campaigns in the real estate world.

Importance of Communication Plans

Real Estate Website

Communication Plans are essential to nurturing your real estate leads because it takes the pressure off of you, the agent’s, shoulders of manually reaching out daily, weekly, etc. Communication Plans (or drip campaigns) are known for being mainly email based in other CRM’s—the LiveWire Solution believes it is important to resource all avenues of communication between the agent and the real estate lead, therefore, we have designed out platform around multiple communication opportunities (to include texting directly from our CRM).

Check out our blogs at to see how easy it is to establish a Communication Plan in the LiveWire CRM.

Did you know we also provide Default Communication Plans for you? We have pre-loaded and ready to use Communication Plans in our CRM for you to copy and personalize to your liking!

Communication Plans can be copied and shared amongst other specific agents on your team, you are able to assign contacts to your plans easily through the communications tab and leads dashboard, and you can even play, pause, and reset all your plans with the click of a button!

Want more information on how the LiveWire Solution can simplify the management of your real estate leads? Check us out at and schedule a personal demo today!!

Conquer Communication Plans with the LiveWire Solution

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