Create Rock Solid Blogs Directly On Your Real Estate Website

Blogging has become crucial for real estate agents to boost SEO and to prove to potential clients that you are the local expert.

Blogs create links within your real estate website and provide original content for Google to index. By adding fresh content and creating targeted keywords your SEO will improve with your blogs.

These additional blog pages make your Real Estate Websites look more complete, boost SEO, and engage your visitors, and help your page better serve your clients.

Here are a few tips and tricks to a successful blog:


  • Identify valuable keywords with solid query volume
  • Internally link and cross-reference your blogs
  • Promote blog posts through email and social media

So it sounds easy to blog…. right? But how easy is it really to get these blogs on your webpage?

The LiveWire Solution is an end-to-end real estate solution made by agents for agents…. we understand the struggle of managing multiple platforms to serve one goal. With that being said, we have created a one login, one solution platform. This means you can login to your website and blog DIRECTLY on your webpage- to include SEO meta tags and carousel listings!

real estate websites

Is this your first time wrapping your head around a blog for your real estate website? Check out these Tips on How to Start Your First Blog!

Want to see more of the LiveWire Solution? Head over to our website, check out our affordable pricing, and schedule a personal demo! Our friendly team members are standing by to help you succeed as a real estate agent!

Create Rock Solid Blogs Directly On Your Real Estate Website

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