Have you hit the point with your business that you need to grow in order to thrive?
Getting more leads than you can manage? Being busy is not always a bad thing but wearing too many hats can take a toll on your and your business. Take a step back and evaluate your needs and set some goals for building your real estate team.
The LiveWire Solution has every tool you need to manage your real estate business on a team level. From viewing your whole teams Dashboard, to managing individual tasks, and transaction manager. You can pinpoint what each agent is doing and where he or she is in their process.
Use our Form Builder in our CRM to easily create a recruiting form. Then, create a content page with just a few clicks. This content page can be your “career” section on your website. Now just add your content page to a menu item on your Real Estate Websites and just like that have a recruiting section on your webpage.
Other ideas for advertising that you are hiring are through social media and invitation only webinars.
The LiveWire Solution lets you post directly to social media platforms from the CRM. So embed your form into a post and “Ta-Da!” you have successfully advertised positions on social media.
Another idea outside of the LiveWire Solution to advertise recruiting is an invitation only webinar. Send out invites to individuals you are interested in perusing to work for you and sell them on working for your team like what makes your firm different and how you support agents. If you are better “face to face” then let the webinar show that or try to create a video to address your audience. Try Zoom or Go To Webinar for programs to use for this.
The LiveWire Solution has made it so simple to run your team’s performance with our powerful CRM and high lead generation populating real estate websites. CLICK HERE for a demo of how our platform can boost your real estate business!

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