Manage Your Real Estate Team Using These 6 Tools

The LiveWire Solution is a end-to-end real estate solution created BY agents FOR agents. That being said, we know what it is like to manage real estate teams and how much work can go into just that aspect of your business. We have created tools and features to ease the disorder of managing- we simply putting the information there for you.
When you login to your LiveWire CRM, the first page you will see is the Dashboard. We have designed the Dashboard to be utilized at an individual or team level. You can select to view information for your entire team, yourself, or specific agents on your team.
Our Leads Dashboard and Contacts features allow you to re-assign leads and contacts to different agents/lenders.
Lead Distribution
This feature allows you to have the CRM automatically assign leads to agents based off of certain criteria (domains, forms, lead weight, and price range)
Simply create a task (create a title for the task, a description of what you need done, a task date, the option to assign tasks to certain contacts/leads, reminder of the task) and then assign the task to a specific agent(s).
Create a public calendar and link it to your Google calendar in the LiveWire CRM. Every Agent will be able to add events and keep everyone on the same page!
Transaction Management
We have incorporated a transaction manager to our CRM platform. This allows you and whoever is assigned on your team to approve transaction tasks to see exactly the “who’s, what’s, where’s, and when’s” of transaction by your agents.
We would love to hear from you and know how we can help you manage your team and help your real estate websites business grow. Make sure to check out our pricing packages HERE and see how affordable we are.
Manage Your Real Estate Team Using These 6 Tools

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