Google Analytics data from your Real Estate Website?

Here at the Livewire Solution we understand that without the correct integrations, your data can end up separated and without certain information you cannot apply the correct marketing initiatives. This is why we have integrated your Real Estate Websites with Google Analytics. Now you can make your data work for you and build a complete picture of WHO is on your website. So what does the

Google Analytics show from your real estate website?

Purchase agreement for house

Users, Sessions, Traffic Sources, Goal Conversions, Platform/Devices, Geo Network, Page tracking, Internal Search, Social Interactions, and Audience. Each section of Google Analytics helps you understand WHO is visiting your site. This is essential for marketing plans and knowing what works for your business on your real estate website.

Now you can utilize this data to WHERE to market, WHO to market, HOW to market, and so much more. Be the expert on your viewers and leads and know how to successfully reach out to them.

Oh! And did we mention all this information is available to you still under your ONE login?

The Livewire Solution has integrated so many tools and features to help your real estate business grow. From blogging to your website to transaction manager- we have it all! CLICK HERE to schedule a demo and check out our affordable pricing packages!





Google Analytics data from your Real Estate Website?

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