What’s the Deal with Widgets?

What is a Widget?

Web widgets (commonly referred to as just “widgets”) are small programs used to create simple functions on the side bars of your website. You can embed widgets into any page in which you have the rights of authorship.

Why Do You Want to Use Widgets?



Widgets have multiple purposes but most importantly they increase your SEO and reduce your bounce back rates while providing a helpful tool to your website viewers.

Widgets can be an SEO’s best friend. They are awesome for creating link backs, web signals, and brand awareness. Widgets that include links are going to be more productive for your Real Estate Websites. For example, our widgets have links to Home Valuation page, specific blogs, and latest blogs, and property carousels. We also have a widget that is used more as tool, which is the Quick Search widget!The Livewire Solution includes these widgets with all of our affordable pricing packages.

Click HERE to check them out!If you would like to schedule a demo for the LiveWire Solution and see how our powerful CRM and lead generation real estate websites click HERE! We are so excited to help agents boost their business!

What’s the Deal with Widgets?

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