Communication at Your Finger Tips

We hide them in our pockets, purses, and hands all day long…we are tuned in to their every sound…and we always seem to know where they are! Yes, our phones! Our culture is technologically centered which means our social actions tend to be more tech sided than face to face. How can you take advantage of this as a realtor?

The LiveWire Solution has incorporated texting features that benefit your real estate lead generation at different angles- from a simple text to a lead, to auto responder text messages to an agent notifying of an event within the CRM. Customize the CRM’s texting capabilities to your needs. Text a single lead, send a text blast, incorporate texts into your campaigns, and set up texting auto responders directly form your CRM.

Our texting is integrated with a third party called Twilio. We have step-by-step training videos and friendly team members always willing to help you set up these third party accounts and teach you how to utilize them in our system to increase your real estate lead generation.

Don’t forget to schedule your personal tour of our real estate websites and CRM so we can show you how to increase your real estate lead generation and get your business booming! Click Here to Schedule a demo!

Communication at Your Finger Tips

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