Let’s start with the “what”…What is a community page?

A community page is a “micro content” page on your real estate website. This page is for a specific shopper, for example, a page written about a specific development to include a property carousel of properties for sale in that development. Think of all the ways you can narrow down properties in your MLS.

By adding unique content to your community pages (your own wording, your own photos, your own videos, etc.) you will rank higher on search engines like Google. Adding that unique content and ranking higher is becoming the authority. Your website traffic will increase as well as your lead generation.

It is important to remember that these pages on your real estate website are property driven instead of long form content used more for the intent of blogging. People want to be able to focus in on a certain location, price range, and special feature.

The LiveWire Solution has implemented tools and features into our real estate websites that make it EASY and SIMPLE for you to create your unique community pages. Some are even included in our packages! Check out our blog on community pages and realize the importance of them for your SEO and success of your real estate website!

If you have any questions about Community Pages or any of our features at The LiveWire Solution please let us know!! CLICK HERE to check out our website and to schedule a personal demo! We are so excited for your interest in boosting your real estate business!

Let’s start with the “what”…What is a community page?

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